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Reemployed Annuitants

Generally speaking, the treatment of a retiree's annuity and pay upon reemployment in the Federal Government depends upon whether he or she retired on the basis of a regular, involuntary, or disability retirement. Potential benefits that may be earned as a result of the reemployment service depend primarily on the length of such service.

Some details on Reemployed Annuitants may be found in a PDF file at OPM's Web Site by clicking here.

If you have questions regarding how this can affect you, feel free to post the quesitons here. Or perhaps you have been through this process before and can offer some helpful suggestions...please share.

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#1 Posted : Sunday, February 13, 2011 12:26:01 AM(UTC)

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I am planning to retire this summer.  I anticipate that now is a good time to get out before the rush.  I will receive a CSRS retirement with 40 years service and have 300 hrs A/L,   My supervisor has asked that I stay on as a retired annuitant for about six more months in the position I currently have.   I am agreeable to this proposal  if I can have some time off for a vacation I plan this fall and on some weeks work only 3 or 4 days. 

If I do this, will it impact my interim annuity. 

Will my retired annuitant salary be based on the difference between my interim annuity and my previous salary or will some other factors be used to set pay.    
If there is a break in service how will this affect my leave.  During the weeks I only work partime will my accrued leave be adjusted based on hours work.  I want to bank some leave to cover some of my expenses during the interim pay period since it could be 6 mo. or longer
I have read on various sites, it will take about 6 to 8 months to receive my full pension.  By electing this plan , I should be getting about the same pay as before I retired ( interim annuity + adj salary = temp pay).  Or am I missing something.
#2 Posted : Sunday, February 13, 2011 2:39:32 PM(UTC)

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Jfarrell: Concerning what pay you will receive, normally your salary from the post-retirement position would be reduced by the amount of your retirement annuity.  Since you would at first only be receiving your interim retirement annuity, I am not sure how your post-retirement salary would be calculated.  Has anyone actually been in this situation who can provide information? Please provide information to the forum.  I do know there are a number of authorities which your agency might be able to use to appoint you in a way in which you would be able to receive your post-retirement salary without having the amount of your retirement annuity deducted from it.  Regarding the leave question you asked about, that is another area I am not sure about.  You should clarify this matter with the appropriate HR office before you take the post-retirement position.
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#3 Posted : Saturday, February 19, 2011 3:42:15 PM(UTC)

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Unfortunately, the rules for working as a reemployed annuitant differ from agency to agency and there are different programs even within agency.  I work for DOD and they have at least 3 different programs.  Also, the rules are different depending on whether one is classified full time, part time or intermittant. 
Your 300 hrs of annual leave could cause issues.  For purposes of handling annual leave as a reemployed annuitant, you're assumed to be on AL even after retirement until such time as your AL balance could have been expended.  The concept here is you can not be in a paid status and on AL at the same time.  I went back to work as reemployed annuitant within a few days after retirement.  They paid my unexpended AL balance; however, when I went back to work they billed me for my unexpended leave balance, restored my unexpended leave and said they would begin to take the amount they paid me for unexpended AL out of my reemployed annuitant pay check.  One doesn't lose the leave; you'll be paid for it when you finally discontinue working as a reemployed annuitant. 
Again, this situation only applies when one has not been in a retired status long enough to have expended the leave balance.  And, as I mentioned above, there are variations of the reemployed annuitant program, agency to agency and even within agency.  The only way to be sure is to check with HR people and unless they have a lot of experience with reemployed annuitants, there may be surprises after you come on board.
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