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#1 Posted : Tuesday, April 03, 2012 12:48:11 AM(UTC)

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I've tried to contact you many times about the persons monitoring/ controlling me via RNM/Brain Link and I believe my phone and email were hacked all along not letting my communications get through. The local police were sent to my house by the CIA to take me to a mental hospital but all the police had was an email and a phone call. I sent an email saying that I was going to do something bad the next day and that there was nothing anyone could do to stop me. I sent it out in effort to get monitored so that someone could see what was happening to me, or so I thought. 2 or 3 days later the shootings in Chardon happed about 30 miles from my house while I was in the hospital.
I've recieved bogus emails and phone calls from them. I called the FBI and they told me that everyting was ok but I believe the call to have been intercepted. I recently called Time Warner and was answered by MARCUS who gave me a false price and told me that I didn't need an install guy saying "you didnt need one last time did you?" Which is what I had just told my mom. She called the store later, got a much different price and was told she needed an installer. The voices in my head then told me it was them and this was all a security test. I've recieved emails from fbi.gov that were blantenly fake. I'm afraid that they have misled the Macedonia police department enabling them to say that it was the same terrorists that have been responsible for the recent shootings and attacks or that it could of been. I'm terrorfired that this will end in them killing me but am told it is all a security test. Please help. I haven't done anything wrong, I haven't done anything. They are continually harrassing abusing and assaulting me telling me that they are just waiting to kill me and tell the government that they have been holding me hostage the entire time.  I don't know if there are others out there like me. I have been told that this is coming from the DOLPH section of the CIA and they continually refer to themselves as living in Florida telling me that I had better get the government to akknoweledge that they are doing this so that they can't kill me and blame it on terrorists. I just don't want to DIE.   I've sent many emails to the DoJ and TIPS to the FBI. I sent the FBI a tip saying that they were going to force me to burn down a building- which I would never do. Soon after Johovah's Witnesses came to my house with a magazine on GOD AND TERRORISM and I was made to believe they were undercover FBI agents and that everything was being monitored and that I was not in danger. My name is Anthony Michael Law 44056 25yrs old. I'm worried that the people monitoring me are not CIA but TERRORISTS or the CIA desperatly posing as TERRORISTS. Please help I can't get through to anyone that will listen to me. PLEASE MONITOR ME ASAP.
#2 Posted : Thursday, April 05, 2012 4:24:40 AM(UTC)

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Um, hi.  It sounds like you are having a series of unusual experiences.  I will post a few comments in the hope that you may be able to derive some benefit from them.  I will also listen to you as you have requested.

The FBI and CIA state on their online tips websites that they receive and review all incoming messages.  You can rest assured that they have reviewed and considered your information and, if appropriate, have taken steps to investigate any activity that is potentially illegal or of intelligence value.  If the activity is not illegal or of intelligence value, then they will not be able to assist you.  They will not usually respond to such inquiries either, so it is surprising that the FBI even acknowledged your communications.

If you believe you continue to be the subject of surveillance by outsiders, you might consider writing down all of the objective facts that you observe in an effort to document what is occurring.  Then when you next have contact with the FBI, you have some evidence to present to them supporting your conclusions.  On that subject, do you think you are able to post details of what you believe is happening to you on this website?  Why do you believe people are trying to kill you?

Remote monitoring and control of another person's thoughts, or "beaming" thoughts into someone else's head, is impossible.  Cannot happen.  Therefore, without judging the accuracy of your other observations, you are very likely also experiencing symptoms of a psychiatric nature.  It is possible these symptoms are exacerbated by the other unusual experiences you believe you are having.

If you continue to experience these symptoms, professional treatment is recommended.  You might consider voluntarily admitting yourself to the hospital you were in and seeking appropriate help.

I do not recommend contacting your local law enforcement agency about this unless you believe you are in imminent danger.  This is because a local law enforcement agency may determine that in its opinion you are experiencing a psychiatric episode and they may have the authority to detain you involuntarily for an examination.

You probably should not post your real name on here.

EDIT: I see Law999's account has been suspended.  However, I will leave up my reply anyway as a reference source for others who perceive similar unusual events occurring around them.

jackbauer2302012-04-05 12:39:45
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