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Postal Employees

Post your thoughts and opinions here about current Postal employee topics.

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#1 Posted : Wednesday, July 1, 2015 7:17:32 AM(UTC)

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I have been told the entire post office culture is like this everywhere around the country but this is ridiculous. Screaming at employees, swearing at each other. I witnessed a clerk-dockworker call it "quits" to a supervisor, he asked her for her badge, she refused and said "***** you!", and replied back, "if you're quitting give me your *****ing badge!" She ran into the woman's bathroom, a female supervisor went in after her. I left after that. I didn't see the clerk-dockworker for almost a week, assumed she had quit or been fired. One day, there she is. Still working. I have been yelled at, degraded in front of others. Treated like *****. I was a CCA. Most of the CCA's I had come in with are gone or have quit. Wait until your 90 everyone says. I have spoken to CCA's who have been there 2 years....it doesn't get "better". The abuse is beyond words. The supervisors there are complete idiots. I once worked 18 days straight (including Sundays). Great pay? Ha! 15.68 an hour working 6 or 7 hour days, NO benefits, and treated like a mule. Constantly told, "You're the HELP". My biweekly pay was 1,150.00 after taxes. That's 575.00 a week. With no day off, no life. If you think that's a great paycheck, you're mistaken. All that to wait for how long until you become 'regular". Which starts off at 35,000 a year? Please.This is why the PO gets such a bad name. I've been witness to this chaotic culture. In my time there, I met about 20 regulars and NOT ONE liked it there or spoke highly of anyone. And every regular was VERY nice to me and helpful. Not one *****. It's the management and supervisors that make up this web of insanity. The regulars are all miserable but are making 45,000 - 55,000 annually. BTW I finally told them to go ***** themselves after 2 months.I'm better than that. It isn't until you witness AND see for yourself how a job-company is run from the inside. The "job" couldn't be any easier. Really. They'll be having drones delivering the mail in the future. Movin' on up brother.
#2 Posted : Wednesday, July 1, 2015 9:15:55 AM(UTC)

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Not every office is like that. I've never been screamed nor have any of the other CCAs in my office
#3 Posted : Wednesday, July 1, 2015 9:54:14 AM(UTC)

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Your former office sounds like a nightmare. I've heard stories like this but never actually witnessed it. Not all office are like this, I think the smaller offices are more humane. There is a small office near me that has 12 routes and the postmaster and supervisor live in the town. It's like Mayberry RFD. Neither the PM nor the supervisor want to advance so maybe that makes a difference, they don't care whether they make their numbers or not. The PM has been with the post office for 30 years so his attitude is he can pretty much do what he wants, he's not going to be fired because he pays OT.
#4 Posted : Monday, July 6, 2015 2:51:53 AM(UTC)

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I have heard that a lot about Naples main. Just look at your PM.... Anyway see if you can transfer into any of the 339 zips. The CCAs are treated a bit better, not great but better, it just depends where you go.
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#5 Posted : Monday, July 6, 2015 3:41:02 PM(UTC)

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My office is good. I'm a CCA and on vacation this week.
#6 Posted : Monday, July 6, 2015 5:09:12 PM(UTC)

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I've seen much passive aggressive animosity on the floor but only once any yelling, and that was a letter carrier trying to intimidate a small female supervisor, but I put a quick end to that.
Otherwise it's a simple game, we know our rights and management tries to pretend that the contact doesn't exist.
Further as an old TE hearing the CCA complaints is starting to wear. I mean I get it it sucks, but it's unskilled labor at $15+ per hour, and no one lies to you about the time you will work it is in the job description when you sign up that you will be expected to be availible for work 7 days a week.
What's more you can't just be fired because they don't like you. As TE every day could have been our last and we had to pray we got rehired every year, which is not a cca worry.
Further you can and will make regular. I, and many other have that never would have as TEs.
You have to pay your dues, and lots of us did for 10 years before finally making it, but it is worth it in the end.
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Pally76 on 7/6/2015(UTC)
#7 Posted : Monday, July 6, 2015 6:21:15 PM(UTC)

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I lived in Naples in the early 1980s. Nice place. Tons of celebs live there. Generally, they're pretty cool about things when you meet them on the street.

Naples is the kind of place your ritzy part of town THINKS it is. In Phoenix, the big-bucks areas are North Scottsdale and Midtown-Camelback. Naples puts 'em to shame. Admirals and CEOs retire to Naples. Pro athletes and media types live or have a house there. Most of them live near the Gulf west of US-41, or on Marco Island. And mostly, there's a good sense of community.

As long as you don't miss your turn-off on Immokalee Road and actually end up in Immokalee, Naples is a nice place to visit. Especially if you have friends or relatives with a house.

Here's a story that totally explains Naples. I was driving to work on US-41 one day, and I crept up on a car with a sign in the back window. The sign said, "Meals on Wheels". The car was a Mercedes.
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#8 Posted : Monday, July 6, 2015 8:21:56 PM(UTC)

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I'm still in this mother. Four years postal employee and number two to be converted. I admit I did get treated like Sh**. Now, its all a game to me. Some of CCAs who I told all I new are following in my footsteps. It shocks the supervisor why the new guy who's only been two months in does the route in eight as the T6 or 70 year old regular would. I used to be a runner and no TE helped me. I was a good mule in the beginning, but no restroom break after six months of working gets tiresome. Now, I also have filed five grievances in the office I am still at of course which shows union and others management is sneaky. One was four seven months of no uniforms. Later on those uniforms came in quick once it was ordered. Another was because I was taken of my opt for a new girl CCA. Another one was for working past six pm and not getting paid for it.(Some 204bs can really screw with time rings.) Well, I see this as a job and not a career. I am still in cause I do work many hours, and get a big check at times. Well, some regulars who I met as prior TEs do help me give management a hard time. Also, nobody answers their phone as a cca in my office. Well, one cca whos been in one week does. she may not last cause management is really trying to keep her a mule, by giving her new routes and a one hour pivot of another route and expecting she make five..p.m....well. see you my fellow carriers
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