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Department of Defense

The Department of Defense (DoD) is charged with coordinating and supervising all agencies and functions of the government relating directly to national security and the United States armed forces. The mission of the Department of Defense is to provide the military forces needed to deter war and to protect the security of our country.

The Department of Defense is America's oldest and largest government agency -tracing its roots back to pre-Revolutionary times. Today, the Department is not only in charge of the military, but it also employs a civilian force of thousands. With over 1.4 million men and women on active duty, and 718,000 civilian personnel, DoD is the nation's largest employer. Another 1.1 million serve in the National Guard and Reserve forces. More than 2 million military retirees and their family members receive benefits.

Perhaps you are working for the DoD or interested in working for the DoD. Here is a forum to share your experience with the DoD.
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#21 Posted : Tuesday, December 05, 2017 8:33:15 PM(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: Rikaku Go to Quoted Post
The good ole boy system is definitely alive within DoD, but so is it everywhere else. Smaller civilian agencies - especially offices located outside of DC - also suffer from lack of upward mobility due to the few higher ranks being occupied by people with 30+ years with no intention to retire or leave anytime soon.

At least with DoD you have the option to move to where the opportunities are with relative ease. And, if you end up not liking it, a couple of years of DoD experience will open up a lot of doors across the government. The same cannot necessarily be said about USDA.

That is the issue where I am at right now, and I have voiced this with supervisor endlessly since he arrived almost 18 months ago. I have consistently had to ask for extra training in order to broaden my skill set to help further our mission. I have tried to help our office because before if one person on the University is not into the office certain important things can't be done. I have had to push to get that training with the different systems and programs. But otherwise than that additional training I have gotten there is NO upward mobility at all here in our office. There are guys here who have been the same grade level for over 10 years since they moved from being Contractors to GS employees.
#22 Posted : Wednesday, December 06, 2017 6:42:07 PM(UTC)

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DOD Rocks! Worked for them and want to go back! At USDA, no money, no training money, reorganization going on, no Wellness program 3 hours off per week for exercise that other agencies have, (only a few within USDA offer it not mine which is one of 22 sub agencies). DOD once in you can move around. They have the biggest budget believe 56 billion additional funding over current for FY18 coming soon. Loved the agency, very professional. Been applying all over, trying to get back. I am not a veteran so it is harder right now to get in top referred group. I get referred but not in the top and many notices state not referred as veterans were referred...DOD is definitely worth it!!!
#23 Posted : Thursday, December 07, 2017 4:14:35 AM(UTC)

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^poit of reference not all agencies under DOD give 3 hours excercise time. Some do 2 and othere you get 3 hpurs a week but it only lasts for 6 months.

As mentioned earlier if that is a sticling poit I highly suggest you clarify that woth any office. Best of luck!
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#24 Posted : Friday, December 08, 2017 10:51:32 AM(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: Attempt2 Go to Quoted Post
For DoD career advancement can be good in certain places, Washington DC and remote sites. The main issue with DoD is the old boys network of favoring people with prior military experience. There are far to many hiring official that look at GS position as places to former military member even if they are not qualified; as I have been told multiple times "yes they don't have the skills but they are former military so we can train them."

that's the exact reason my agency has a policy that we can't "import" retired or former military or any other "outsiders" for higher grades like 14 or 15 for most career fields without first having to give opportunities to current federal employees. We have to recruit/fill that way and then interview and prove that no internals are best qualified. I have only seen that happen once or twice in 3 years and the rest of the time higher graded jobs are filled within civil service. We can hire former mil at the 12 or sometimes 13 level however.

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